Algorithms May not be able to Win at a Consistent Rate

Stat & Trends are Made to Cloud Your Mind

With Over 2 Million Cells Covered from various Sports dating as far back as 1999

The Edge is in Your Hand, I am always trying to Improve on my Programs I built

My Home Built MLB Program Consist of 180+ Criteria Gives Me A Daily Edge

A Quick Look at Part of My Home Built MLB Platform Module

Type of Computer Systems, this Video was made on Feb 2016

Results MLB 2017 Computer Criteria Picks and Money

For College Football & The NFL I have created The Wacky-Liner

I Am trying to Incorporate one for College Basketball

This Liner makes a Line in College Football, A Pro helped me understand the Differential aspect of this with % Ratings

and I have intergrated an awesome situaiton where if a Team is a Dog but should be a Favorite, it would than provide

A rating of 1 through 5 Starts for the strength of the play. It will than Factor in the Momentum and other factors

The System needs 3 weeks minimum as it will sort out

Step 1 is sorting out 7 Offense and Defense Categories

Step 2 It will than put a definite differential in each Category Vs Their Opponent + or -

When I get a 4 or 5 Rating it is something I fire on

Below is 2016 Bowl Games: focus on if a Team is a Dog but Line Says should be Favorite

All Dog Plays went 8-3 Vs The Spread, And 6 Outright Winners

NFL Has The Wackylator Program that produced 58-64% 3 years straight prior to 2016