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Eliminating Losing Proposition's Increased Profits in 2017


Algorithm are used to generate an opinion on each game that's tested with a set of rules. SDQL (Sports Data Query Language) finds a human element like; Oak is 12-1 when D. Stewart pitches 7+ inning's in it's last game, allowing 2 or less walks. The Wacky report use A Situaiton Analysis that takes the emotions out of Betting. Service states they are releasing a 80% play. This is exactually what this is. You have a similar situation that happen's 190 times in the last 8 seasons ect... Now you have the Confidence with Validation of Historically and Recent Results.

I am not a salesman. I bet these games myself. You can get these games without paying an ARM AND A LEG. Betting on baseball is probably the most profitable Sport long. Emotions fly with un-orthodox late inning heroics or bullpen mishaps. I have built a repuation with my clients, and I am accomplished. With over 1.5 milion cells in the Wacky's Sport Database you are Covered. The 1st Half of 2017 in MLB gained 33+ units or +$8,200 for someone betting $250 per game. The Best Cappers in the world use computers, and some ask for this computer's opinions in various sports. But it is not just the computer it takes The Brain to help decipher the weather and wind situation, an injury, pitcher vs today's lineup, The Umpire Factor, or outside factor's. Psychology & The Human elements & The Computer = A powerful Long Term Success. Since the Rollout June 2015, nice profits have been generated for the 3rd straight season with the Computer Program. The bottom line is Profit and ROI, and not winning percentages in this Sport.

Algorithms May not be able to Win at a Consistent Rate, Stat & Trends R Made To Cloud Your Mind. However with over 2 Million Cells of Data since 1999, My home built program gives you a daily edge.

Sneak Peak: MLB Platform Module

Computer Systems, this Video was made on Feb 2016

For College Football & The NFL I have created The Wacky-Liner

This Liner makes a Line in College Football, A Pro helped me understand the Differential aspect of this with Ratings and I have intergrated an awesome situaiton where if a Team is a Dog but should be a Favorite, it than rates 1-5* Stars with 5 being the strongest. The Best part of this Program is we focus on dogs. Check out 2017 Dogs

Step 1 is sorting out 14 Offense and Defense Categories

Step 2 It will than put a definite differential in each Category Vs Their Opponent + or -

When I get a 4 or 5 Rating it is something I fire on

Below is 2016 Bowl Games: focus on if a Team is a Dog but Line Says should be Favorite

All Dog Plays went 8-3 Vs The Spread, And 6 Outright Winners

NFL Wackylator Program 58-64% on Wacky Best Plays Since 2013