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Issue 1 Sept 14, 2017
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2017 MLB HOME BUILT Computer Criteria Results

Algorithm are used to generate an opinion on each game that are tested with the same set of rules. This Approach is not effective. Then there is SDQL or Sports Data Query Language which finds a human element such as: Oakland is 12-1 when Dave Stewart pitches atleast 7 innings in its previous game, allowing 2 or less walks. You can find strong situations with the query. Here at Wacky Sports, we use what is called A Situaiton Analysis to take the emotions out of Betting. A set of Criteria's from the previous day's event, that were backtested to ensure consistent returns. Alot of times you will hear a Service say that they are releasing a 80% winner from the last 4 years istuaiton. This is exactually what this is. You have a similar situation that had happen 190 times in the last 8 seasons ect... You would feel much more confident that it can be validated. I am not a salesman, or some con artist. I bet these games myself. You can get these affordable plays without paying an ARM AND A LEG. Betting on baseball is probably the most profitable opportunity long term than any other sport out there. There can be emotions flying with un-orthodox late inning heroics or bullpen mishaps. I have built a repuation with my clients, and I am accomplished. My job is to improve the program strenghts and eliminate it's weaknesses to maximize profit. My end goal is to provide an app targeted for a more effective experience. With over 1.5 milion cells in the Wacky's Sport Database you are completely covered. The 1st Half of 2017 in MLB gained 33+ units or +$8,200 for someone betting $250 per game. The Best Cappers in the world use computers. But it is not just the computer it takes The Brain to help decipher the weather and wind situation, a player out of the lineup, pitcher vs today's lineup, or outside travel factors. But When You combine the two you get a powerful winning situation. Since the Rollout June 2015, nice profits have been generated for the 3rd straight season. The bottom line is Profit and ROI

Jan 2016- End of Dec 2016: 12 Months Results with Handicappers Watchdog


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With Over 180+ Criteria's Professional Services Have Inquired. Won't Give it Up

Betting -160 to Win $100 @ 100 games, 60% would show a negative in Profits -$400

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16 Straight MLB Wins Sept 22, 2016- Oct 2, 2016

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